Events, Workshops, and Programs for a culture of vulnerability and trust.

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Failure Institute

We  work with corporations, NGOs, and governments around the world to design experiences that change the culture of work.

We build safe environments where leaders embrace failure to encourage vulnerability and trust in ways that foster innovative organizational cultures through events, workshops, and programs.

We are part of Fuckup Nights®, present in more than 300 cities and 90 countries.

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Failure Events

Fuckup Night event with a talk of failure management and personal stories of failure curated for your company or conference.


A hands-on workshop on Psychological Safety to develop skills for a culture of trust and innovation.


A tailored-made culture program to build behaviors where people don’t stigmatize failure, but celebrate trying and learning.


Having the difficult conversations

Psychological Safety at work

Psychological Safety at work

Psychological safety at work There’s a trend in the corporate world where it’s easier to point others or blame circumstances when it comes to talking about our challenges. Admitting mistakes openly with colleagues or managers is not a common practice, mainly because...

Inside a Fuckup Nights Private Event

Inside a Fuckup Nights Private Event

I was 10,000 feet above the earth, somewhere between Panama and Mexico, and I’d just finished my (plastic and not very tasty) airplane meal. Suddenly, I realized that I was smiling to myself. You know, that feeling that you get when your favorite band plays your...

The power of failure

The power of failure

The power of failure   Sometimes the headlines can make you feel like the whole world is falling apart. Sometimes things seem a little hopeless. But change is possible, and we’ve seen it firsthand. When we started Fuckup Nights – this commitment to having the...

Using Failure to Foster a Culture of Vulnerability

Using Failure to Foster a Culture of Vulnerability

A Fuckup Nights speaker falling on stage Failure is, and always will be, unavoidable, universal, and unexpected. Today’s leaders need to know how to face it, and most importantly, how they can use it as a force of change. As it turns out, failure offers leaders a...

Giving & getting feedback

Giving & getting feedback

What ever happened to real feedback at work? Although the vast majority of companies these days have “feedback” in their lexicon, it seems like most of the time giving feedback is just something that some higher power says you have to do, one more box you have to...

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