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The Failure Institute

We help you go from failure to innovation. 

Let’s build a culture where your team celebrates trying and learning, instead of stigmatizing failure. 

Who Are We

The Failure Institute is a global social enterprise that helps companies build cultures of innovation and collaboration. 

We do this by changing how people handle failure: From a taboo and something to hide, to a situation that can be used to grow and to build agile collaborative teams.

We are part of Fuckup Nights®, the global movement on failure that is active in more than 70 countries.

Failure Institute Home

Business Services

We help you transform your organization by building a mindset of growth through vulnerability, innovation, and authenticity.

“Fuckup helped us to break free from prejudices about failure and accelerate the learning it brings. The events have been a great impact to our teams and leaders, and allowed us to set the right tone to important conversations inside the company”
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