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What ever happened to real feedback at work?

What ever happened to real feedback at work?

Although the vast majority of companies these days have “feedback” in their lexicon, it seems like most of the time giving feedback is just something that some higher power says you have to do, one more box you have to tick. Even worse, giving feedback is often something that people dread – and I’ve never understood why.

So, when Fuckup Nights had its first team-wide feedback session a little over a month ago, we made the conscious decision to tweak some of the practices that the so-called “experts” on the internet recommend. Our mission? To really own the session, make it personal and valuable, and incorporate our own fun, Fuckup style.

Our focus on building an environment of transparency and creating a space where the whole team felt we could be vulnerable allowed us to trust each other, share our thoughts openly, and provide real, candid, and (hopefully) valuable feedback.

Based on this experience, I’m excited to share some of the things that I think really helped make this activity a success:

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