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Creating the Museum of Failure


All of a sudden everybody was interested in the new and innovative Museum of Failure, but Sam was not prepared for what would come next. Not only the global interest in this project was a surprise, but also and unexpected notification. His former business partner was suing him demanding the museum was his idea. Lawyers cost money and he couldn’t afford the fees and went into a personal bankruptcy. 

The Museum of Failure is a collection of over 100 failed products and services from some of the world’s best-known companies. Visitors will get a insightful and entertaining glimpse into the risky business of innovation. For every mega-success like the Apple iPhone, VCR and Ford Mustang, there’s a couple of Newtons, Betamaxes and Edsels that crashed and burned before them. This collection is carefully curated by licensed psychologist and innovation researcher Dr. Samuel West, and it hopes to convey that the acceptance of failure is necessary in order for innovation and progress to truly succeed.

About the speaker

Samuel West is the founder of Museum of Failure, a collection of failed products and services. The museum showcases failures to provide visitors a learning experience about the important role of failure for innovation and to encourage organizations to become better at learning from failure.
Samuel West
Founder Museum of Failure

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