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Expectations, Perfectionism & Recognition


Why We Do It

How important is it to be recognized? Are our actions based on others’ approvals? Is it ever enough? Human beings are social beings by nature – they say no man is an island – so we want to explore that fine line between self-recognition and acceptance and what we think other people’s expectations are of us, and how important those are.

We'll Talk About

  • The aspiration to the impossible of being perfect
  • Results vs efforts
  • The one-fits-all ruler
  • Types of recognition
  • Self-expectations
  • Anxiety = expectations – reality

Hosted by

Marta Cabañas

Operations manager

Alejandra Torres

Community Manager

What people say?

Bringing Fuckup to AstraZeneca, raised the quality of our events and opened up a topic of discussion that we had not explored enough in our community. This resulted in an event which was fresh and full of learnings!
Fuckup Nights came to Sanofi when we were in the middle of our process of cultural transformation, we were looking for ways to think out of the box and to show our collaborators that daring and failing are synonymous with personal and professional learning and development.

Fuckup Nights is a global movement and event series that shares stories of professional failure. Each month, in events across the globe, we get three to four people to get up in front of a room full of strangers to share their own professional fuckup. The stories of the business that crashes and burns, the partnership deal that goes sour, the product that has to be recalled, we tell them all.

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