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Never forget to sign an agreement


Mina Legnered shares her story after returning to Europe from a 3 year entrepreneurial adventure in Africa.

Launched a Marketing Agency in Ghana? Check. Built a team of 10? Check. Established an excellent reputation amongst multiple international companies like Mazda, Volvo, Bare International, Scania, French Chamber of Commerce, and Fidelity Bank Ghana? Check. Returned with a dire financial crisis? Double check.

About the speaker

Mina has a huge range of experience in multiple industries and loves working with people and making things happen. She is the founder of Tango Love, a collaborative project to inspire people in Malmö with tango dancing and music. She is also runs Simply Draw it Big, Sweden's No. 1 agency for Live Scribers. Her mission is to connect people and help organizations be sustainable, and to have a positive impact in society through sustainable collaboration and communication., So it’s no surprise that she’s also one of the organizers of FuckUp Nights in Malmö.
Mina Legnered
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