Global Report April 2017

In the business world, failure is much more common than success, but there have been very few studies on it. This is the reason for the existence of the Failure Institute. Our goal is to translate cases of failure into helpful data and trends – so that more informed decisions can be made by businesses, governments, and academia.

This report, the first of its kind, focuses only on the data of failed businesses. As a first step, the Failure Institute performed a comparative analysis carried out between the failure trends in the American and European continents.

This first report of the State of Business Failure is the result of the collaboration of more than 400 people from all continents – academics, data analysts, user experience experts, designers, researchers, failed entrepreneurs, and, above all, the community of the Fuckup Nights movement that helps the Failure Institute to obtain data from all latitudes.

Undoubtedly, this report will be the first of many more. A small step for mankind, a big step for evidence-based decision making.



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