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Resilience in
times of crisis


  • What is resilience?
  • What resilient employees have in common?
  • How can we, as individuals, become more resilient?
  • How can we build resilient teams?
  • Any crisis can open opportunities
  • Imposed action vs. Ownership and freedom.
  • Breaking paradigms
  • Are we going back to normal?
  • Shared pain brings people closer together?
  • Engaging remote teams
  • FUN remote work


In times of crisis, by default we let fear drive us towards a fixed mindset instead of embracing the growth mindset necessary for creativity and resilience. 

COVID-19 is impacting companies around the world, causing cancellations and budget cuts that force leaders to make difficult decisions. Millions of people must adapt their processes, priorities, and habits to respond to the current circumstances.  

In these times of uncertainty, resilience is key to overcome the challenges and quickly adapt to the current situation.

We’re strong believers that collaboration and knowledge sharing are the strongest tools to fight the COVID-19 crisis. So we decided to put our brains “together” on an online webinar to discuss best practices and share habits for managing setbacks, here’s what we talked about.

For us, being an event based company, it was a hard blow.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was one of the first conferences to be cancelled due to the risk of an epidemic. Soon after, the World Health Organization declared the situation a Global Pandemic.

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