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Impostor Syndrome

3 lies we repeatedly tell ourselves


Have you ever felt like you’re not enough for your job? That when you get somewhere it’s only due to circumstances or good luck?  Have you felt like whatever happens now, eventually people will realize that you’re not really that great? 

Yes, it’s just as we thought, you have impostor syndrome.

What does it look like?

Don’t worry, 70% of people have experienced Impostor Syndrome. As we’ve previously discussed, it makes you feel that every achievement is a false positive and that every result is due to good luck or mere coincidence. This creates a constant fear of being “found out”. 

Another way of describing it is the feeling of being a secret agent (but not during the epic and heroic moments where there are guns and explosions), more like an infiltrator who is about to be exposed. Imposter Syndrome is the perception that no matter how hard you work or how much you achieve, your self doubt about your skills and capabilities remains. It is feeling like you are not up to the job while it’s in progress and then failing to give yourself the credit you deserve for your achievements.

The problem begins with feelings of doubt and anxiety arising at the most inappropriate of moments, when you need to deal with a situation. You are faced with two problems: the situation itself and the doubt about how capable you are to solve it.

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