Global Failure Index


The Failure Institute is the research arm of Fuckup Nights. Using our network across more than 80 countries, we’re documenting cases of failure on our platform, the Global Failure Index – all for the purpose of generating actionable knowledge with our usual disruptive style. Our mission is clear: to help decision-makers make more informed choices in businesses, academia, civil society, and public policy.

Win a Kindle!

Hi! Feeling lucky today?

If you’ve failed, you can be a winner! The first 100 participants to share a business failure will be part of the raffle.

If you don’t have a business failure, you can collect data from your acquaintances and relatives – just make sure to register them under your name and info. The more entries you get, the higher your chances to win! 


Terms & Conditions

-The contest will take place from December 26th until February 28st.
-The raffle will be done when the 100 entries have been reached. If the number of entries is not reached by the closing date, there will be no raffle.
-Fake or repeated data will be disqualified.
-The raffle will be streamed.
-The winner will be contacted via mail. If after a week there is no response to the confirmation of the address and an ID to prove identity, the winner loses the right to the price.
-The prize will be a Kindle
-Doubts? Drop us a line at

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