Some doomsayers assume that most human employees will soon be replaced by smart machines. But I think that AI techniques will make many jobs better and more innovative. Bringing AI to the world of academic research, for example, will be akin to how Galileo’s creation of the astronomical telescope in 1609 radically advanced the study of […]

El Research Failure Institute, que nació como parte del movimiento FuckUp Nights que reúne a emprendedores que fracasaron para contar su historia, esta trabajando en una plataforma con datos abiertos para analizar las razones de los ‘fails’ de startups a nivel mundial. Leticia Gasca, cofundadora y directora del movimiento, adelantó que están creando una herramienta […]

È proprio vero che nel business (come a scuola o nello sport) “sbagliando si impara”? Un’interessante ricerca, svolta nel 2008 presso l’Università di Harvard (“Performance Persistence in Entrepreneurship”), sembra mettere in dubbio questa convinzione. Dallo studio, condotto da Paul Gompers, Anna Kovner, Josh Lerner e David Scharfstein, emerge che un imprenditore che avvia, per la […]

Let’s have a flashback to a regular day in the year 2003 in Colombia and how difficult it was to know someone who called himself an “entrepreneur” and more likely, if you said you were starting your own business, you were fundamentally regarded as “unemployed.” Today, the world stands on the rush of everyday innovations, […]


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