We are convinced on the power of knowledge networks, inspiring collections of individuals and teams who come together across organizational, spatial and disciplinary boundaries to invent and share a body of knowledge.

For this reason, the Failure Institute has set up and integrated a network of researchers that, from their universities and think tanks, contribute to the study of failure.

Are you a researcher or a data scientist? Join our knowledge network!

We search for people committed to their job and our mission. We expect to generate alliances that allow us to increase collective knowledge on failure to the benefit of worldwide entrepreneurs. We look for innovative and disruptive researchers. We search for bold methodologies. We want researchers that generate the uncomfortable but pose questions that break taboos in the business world.


Leticia Gasca


As our name suggests, our main line of research is the study of business failure from the following perspectives:

  • Business failure of different industries and sectors
  • Business failure in different countries and regions
  • Red alerts. For example: industries, regions and ages with the highest incidence of failure
  • Trends over time
  • Failure and resilience
  • The impact of Fuckup Nights in cultural change


  1. Access to our network. The Failure Institute is recognized not only for its research quality, but also for its strong network of volunteers and entrepreneurs all over the world. Your research can benefit from this network in applying your desired methodology. 
  2. Access to case studies all over the world. Every month we have failure sessions at approximately 160 cities where entrepreneurs from diverse countries share publicly their stories. We are present in 56 countries, we have more than 300 volunteers and strategic partners. 
  3. Design. Our team of designers, editors and communicators will transform your research into engaging products with infographics, videos, etc. *This point strictly relies on the budget available at the moment of your research.
  4. Dissemination of your research on a large scale. Our Institute has a digital platform that includes not only our website, but also an active and organic participation on social networks (we have never paid for publicity). Your research will be promoted on our communication channels and in mass media. We have been published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fast Company, Inc, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Expansión and in other significant publications such as the Fuckup Book.



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